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Republic of Lakota Nation

A Sovereign Indigenous Nation

Treaty of San

Manifest Destiny

Chief L.C. Fast Horse (Lakota)

Our Vision

Indigenous peoples inhabited these lands for millennia long before any foreign settlers arrived. The Republic of the Lakota Nation was originally created under an International Treaty with Spain in 1800. However, these treaties were later breached by England, who attempted to covertly infiltrate the region in 1871 through the Organic Act and the England Corporation. The United States, posing as a government, created a hoax that not only violated these treaties but also attempted to seize Indigenous lands through acts of genocide against American Indians.

It is important to note that this non-governmental and defunct entity could not effectively serve as a legitimate government to defend and protect the country and all its inhabitants. The capture of the U.S. Flag in 1876 during the Battle of Little Big Horn activated the “Rule of Law,” which allowed the Lakota to reclaim the entirety of the “United States of America” and all its territories.

The Republic of Lakota Nation, as a legitimate government, has remitted itself officially in Philadelphia, catalyzing the biblically ordained government seat for the Americas, known as the Sixth Lampstand. This Nation has been sanctified and authenticated by a descendant of Mary and Jesus, adding to its historical significance.

It is important to acknowledge the painful history of the Republic of Lakota Nation, which, in its original indigenous state, fell victim to attempts to conquer its lands through the Doctrine of Discovery. These attempts included the killing of FIFTY Million indigenous by passing out blankets laced with Small Pox. When that did not exterminate them, the settler’s attempted to starve-out the tribes by decimating the buffalo population, which served as a vital food supply and functional natural resource for the indigenous peoples.

Our great Nation is once again faced with similar attempts of genocide, not only targeting the indigenous peoples, but all Americans. The grim reapers are working through the World Health Organization and the United Nations 2030 Agenda under the influence of a dark spirit of the World Economic Forum. 

The Republic of Lakota Nation, rich in historical footprint in these great lands, comes now with the intention to save the people of this country and lead them to prosper and rebuild a solid future. Our focus lies in prioritizing the well-being of every individual, ensuring their holistic development, and freeing them from the shackles of criminal exploitation.

Wolakota Woniya (I come in Peace) Itaschn of the Octei Sakowin

Chief L.C. Fast Horse

Educated on Treaties by Grandmother Elizabeth Spotted Bear/Fast Horse
Chief of the Seven Councils of the Lakota Nation
Commander and Chief of the Republic of Lakota Nation


Chief Fast Horse, a dynastic bloodline Hereditary Chief and great-grandson of Chief Joseph Fast Horse, currently serves as the Hereditary Chief of the Lakota Nation. An original member of the Lakota Provisional Government established in 1991 alongside Richard Grass, Chief Fast Horse became the sole surviving “sovereign” member of the Dynastic Chiefs representing the government following Chief Grass’s death.

Serving for over a decade as the tribal attorney for Oliver Red Cloud, Chief Fast Horse was chosen by Red Cloud to succeed him upon his passing into the Spirit World. His tireless dedication has significantly impacted his people, particularly in these challenging times. 

From his early years, Chief Fast Horse has been called to restore the lands to his people. His dedication over half a century has mirrored the sacrifices akin to those of Nelson Mandela. Now he stands as the nation’s sole “Sovereign” Chief. His distinguished standing places him in a unique position to forge a brighter future for both his people and the country

Chief L.C. Fast Horse


Chief Fast Horse 4th of July 2023 Speech Mount Rushmore event


On June 25, 1876, the men, women, and children of the Northern Plains Tribes (Sioux, Lakota, Cheyenne, etc.) were fishing when they were approached by General Custer and the 7th Cavalry. Threatened with imprisonment, the Tribes refused to return to the fort as commanded.

As a result of the armed skirmish, known as The Battle of Little BigHorn, the Lakota captured the US flag. The U.S. Constitution and “rule of law” provides for whoever captures the flag has conquered the land and has rights to the reins of government.

Learn more about the 1991 reestablishment of the Sovereign Lakota Nation at Bear Butte by clicking below, or visit

Capturing The Flag at Little Bighorn – Custer’s Last Stand from the Indigenous Perspective

The Rule of Law provides for the Capturing of a Flag in battle to signify that the capturer of the Flag becomes the victor for the ownership of the nation.

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