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Our Vision

L A K O T A: meaning ALL
Indigenious, inhabited these lands for milennia long before any foreign settlers arrived. Republic of the Lakota Nation was originally created under an International Treaty with Spain in 1800.
After breaching the treaties with the Lakotas, England tried to covertly infiltrate in 1871 i.e. Organic Act, England Corporation.
The USA Inc., posing as a Government created a hoax that became treasonous violation of the treaties and an attempted land grab by genocide of the American Indians. A non-government and defunct entity, could not serve as a government to defend and protect this country and all the inhabitants.
The capture of the U.S. Flag in 1876 at Battle of Little Big Horn, activated the "Rule of Law" under which the Lakota recaptured the whole “United States of America” and all it’s territories. The Republic of Lakota Nation, as a true Government, has remitted itself officially in Philadelphia, instigating the biblically ordained government seat for the Americas, the Sixth Lampstand. The Nation has been sanctified and authenticated by a Decendant of Mary and Jesus.
This Nation, in it's orginal indigenous state, was victim an attempt to conquer our lands through the Doctrine of Discovery.
They killed FIFTY Million indigenous by passing out blankets laced with Small Pox. When that did not kill them all, the settler's attempted to starve-out the tribes by annihilating millions of buffalo, the indigenous food supply and functional natural resource.
Our great Nation is once again faced with similar attempts of genocide, this time not just the indigenous peoples, but all Americans.
The grim reapers are working through the World Health Organization and the United Nations 2030 Agenda under the influence of a dark spirit of the World Economic Forum.
The Republic of Lakota Nation, rich in historical footprint in the these great lands, comes now with the intention to save the people of this country and lead them to prosper and rebuild a solid future, with whole person well-being priority and free from the tyranny of criminal explotation.
Wolakota Woniya I come in Peace Itaschn of the Octei Sakowin
L.C. Fast Horse
Educated on Treaties by Grandmother Elizabeth Spotted Bear/Fast Horse.
Chief of the Seven Councils of the Lakota Nation.
Commander and Chief of the Republic of Lakota Nation.