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Chief Fast Horse is a Dynastic Bloodline Hereditary Chief and great grandson of Chief Joseph Fast Horse. He is the current hereditary Chief of the Lakota Nation.

Chief Fast Horse was an original member of Lakota Provisional Government in 1991 with Richard Grass. After Chief Grass’ passing, Chief Fast Horse is the last living “sovereign” member in the dynastic line of Chief’s representing the provisional government of the Lakota Nation.

As Oliver Red Cloud’s tribal attorney for over a decade, Chief Red Cloud wanted Fast Horse to take over when he went on to the Spirit World. Chief Fast Horse’s focused work has made a difference for his people that is coming forward in these perilous times.

Since his childhood, he followed a calling to reclaim the land for his people. He has devoted fifty years to this mission and is the only ‘Sovereign” Chief in the Country. His unique “standing”, makes him capable of bringing in a brighter destiny for his people and this country.